Flats, Bungalow, Cottage & Commercial Unit
Witney, Oxfordshire

The purpose of this build was to initially build four flats and renovate a commercial unit in the centre of Witney, a busy market town in Oxfordshire. Both the flats and the commercial unit were to be rental properties generating additional revenue streams for the client.

After an initial consultation phase the plans were adapted into five flats, cottage, commercial unit, and a bungalow, situated behind the initial building. Split into two phases, this new plan increased the potential rental income from the development without the need to dramatically increase budgets, or the time required to complete the build.

Key Challenges

Access – Access to this site was a particular challenge. Based directly off Witney High-street the plot for the apartments and bungalow could only be accessed through a narrow ally-way with a hight restriction. This meant the majority of the construction would need to be done using small machinery and by hand.

Demolition & Connected Properties – This build required us to retain two elevations from the adjoining commercial unit meaning that demolition would need to be carefully managed not to damage existing structures. Once the demolition stage was complete over one hundred tons of stone had to be removed to start   the groundwork. Most of this was removed by hand due to the access restrictions, but despite this challenge was complete on time without additional issues.

Our Results

“As a business we are not driven by how quickly we can do something, we are driven by delivering excellence. Although we have delivered this project on time, and on budget, it is the little details that we really love spending our time on and giving a property the real wow factor. From the brushed steal numbers and oak doors to the purpose-built kitchens and exterior stonework, this development has a real luxury feel and we can be incredibly proud of what we have achieved.”

“With a very happy client, we feel this project showcases what GEM DBI are capable of, proving that we can deliver a complete service from consultation to construction.”


The Bungalow

The Five Apartments

The Cottage